How can you help people if you are unable to generate funds through a fundraising event?

If you have ever been involved in raising funds for your favorite charity, you know that fundraising events can be very helpful in terms of gaining funds to support the work of the organization. However, not everyone has the money or time to hold such an event. Even if you read every fundraising guide you can find, there are still many things that don’t depend on how well you’ve organized the event.


Luckily, there are plenty of other ways you can go about helping people without having to worry about generating funds through a fundraising event, including taking donations and even starting your own organization or non-profit group.


To make the process easier, it’s best to first understand the basics of fundraising before trying to implement them in your own community. Here’s a guide on how you can help the less fortunate even if you can’t generate funds through fundraising events.

The Significance of Fundraising Events

While the success of many fundraising events is unquestionable, the significance of such activities is often undervalued. The success of charity events not only has positive effects on the people directly involved but also on the wider community. 


From that perspective, fundraising events become even more beneficial to all stakeholders involved. Donors get to contribute money to causes they care about, non-profit organizations are given financial means for their core business, and beneficiaries get access to goods and services needed by them. 


Thanks to such events, charities have an opportunity to raise awareness about issues relevant in today’s society among the general public. If you need funds for your organization without organizing an event, there are several other effective ways of raising funds.


The significance of fundraising events is not limited only to material benefits. By taking part in them, you will also be given an opportunity to get more familiar with your cause of interest through direct communication with beneficiaries. If you have never participated in any fundraising events as such, organizing one may seem like quite a challenge at first glance. 

Declutter Saleable Items

Before you can raise funds for a cause, you have to declutter your home of things that you’ll either never use or sell. If there are clothes hanging in your closet that have been there for years or books taking up space on your bookshelf that you never plan on reading again, sell them. 


It’s as simple as it sounds. There are plenty of people who could really use what you no longer need. Similarly, get rid of old gadgets, electronics, and furniture that still work but which could be put to better use by someone else. Instead of letting them go to waste in a landfill or hoping they’ll become valuable someday when they’re antique, turn them into something useful now. 


And don’t forget about all those little knick-knacks lying around your house. If any of them are worth money, sell them online on sites like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. Even if not one person is interested in buying them, there will probably be some items that have value. 


What do you do with all that extra cash from selling off those unwanted items? You donate it! It’s one of the best ways to raise funds without actually hosting fundraising events and going through a fundraising guide for weeks before you have enough self-esteem to organize one.

Volunteer Yourself

Volunteering yourself in charity works is also great if you have no funds to contribute. Another way to help people is by volunteering to make other people’s lives better. In turn, you’re also making your own life better as well. Volunteer work allows you to learn more about yourself and what makes you happy. That knowledge can certainly be applied elsewhere in your life. And if you happen to enjoy helping others more than expected, volunteer work may even lead to paid opportunities! It never hurts to try! 


If you’re interested in finding ways to volunteer, do some research online or through local resources. It could be exactly what you need! Applying for jobs at charity organizations is another great way to give back without incurring costs. Once you start volunteering, you’ll be overwhelmed by the feeling of accomplishment. You’ll see exactly what your role is in helping others and creating a much better community.


Donating only money prevents you from seeing first-hand how money donations actually benefit society. Not only will exploring new paths enable others to meet their goals, but it will also allow you to help others on a completely different level as well.

Build a Non-profit Organization

Non-profit organizations have the purpose of helping fundraisers with their charity works. These organizations are ideal for funding charitable causes and making sure the right funds go to the right people. 


If you are just starting out, you can learn how to start an organization on your own or with the help of others like you or by going through a fundraising guide or two. To help your clients, make sure that any fundraising event information is transparent. Clients will be more likely to donate if they know exactly where their money is going. 


Also, remember to have fun! Planning effective fundraising events takes time and effort. But it’s also meant to be enjoyable. Remember what got you into working for non-profits in the first place. Let that passion drive you forward. While planning a fundraising party can seem like hard work, it’s worth it when you see everything come together at last! 


Before building a non-profit organization, make sure to have a clear vision and idea of what the non-profit will stand for. These organizations will help you learn how to raise funds and fight for things you’re passionate about. You’ll also get to meet people with the same interest as yourself.

Set Up a Community Online

One thing you shouldn’t underestimate is the power of social media and the internet. Setting up a community online is often ignored in a fundraising guide, even though it can significantly improve the way you gather funds required for certain actions.


Facebook, as one of the biggest social media platforms, is the ideal place to start. Clearly state the vision and mission of the organization, and start sharing the idea with your friends and family. There are no shortcuts here. You’ll need to do all the hard work to reach people interested in the same thing you are. But once things start rolling, it will prove to be a strong base for all your activities.


To raise funds online, one of your best options is crowdfunding. This process involves getting strangers to donate money online in exchange for rewards and incentives. It’s often used by charities and non-profit organizations to help fund everything from medical expenses for people in need to efforts that fight climate change. 


To make it easier for people around you — and potential donors all over the world — to contribute, set up an account on a well-known platform like GoFundMe or Kickstarter. Then share your account link via social media and email newsletters so that you can gain support early on.

Checking the Results

Even the most famous charities have started off as an idea. There’s no fundraising guide that will work for every single non-profit in organizing fundraising events and getting funded. That’s why we’ve shared a couple of ideas on how to start and how to get first donations that will help you reach your fundraising goals.


It’s important to check the results of each activity you try because you’ll have an insight into the best way to raise funds for your cause. Some will benefit most from creating a Facebook group, while others will benefit most from fundraising events. It’s important to follow through and be as analytical as possible to be as effective as possible. 


The more efficient you are in spending time and money, the more money you’ll accumulate through donations. Instead of spending thousands of dollars trying to reach potential donors, focus on one or two ways that will maximize your efficiency.