7 Creative Fundraising Games to Raise More Money for Charity

Not only are fundraising events in general becoming more creative and commonplace, it’s also becoming more and more usual to see fundraising games and activities becoming a major part of corporate events, too. This can only be a good thing: raising money for charity is not only an important part of belonging to a modern, caring society, it’s also a fantastic way to raise the morale of your attendees, staff, colleagues and business partners, too.

It’s vitally important to bear in mind that when you’re raising money for charity, you have to utilize fundraising party games and activities which are going to grab your attendee’s attention. This is the key to maximizing those fundraising figures, and to ensure that your attendees are having a great time while doing so.

Check out our fundraising games list below, and hit those charity targets for the good cause of your choice!

1. The Banned Word Jar
This is a fun and lighthearted way to gather extra funds for your charity, and it’s sure to bring in plenty of cash if everybody gets involved! This fundraising idea works by accumulating lots of small quantities of money over the course of the event, and offers plenty of opportunities to raise even more should you wish to.

● How to play: This fundraising game involves a commonly used word or phrase being ‘banned’ from the evening. If anybody says this word – and you should make it so sometimes it simply can’t be helped – they’ll have to put a pound or more into a special jar placed on the centre of their table!

You can take the concept further by making attendees pay cash to add new or different words to the list of ‘banned’ phrases – which can be a lot of fun if a key word is banned directly before a presentation is about to begin!

● What you need: This fundraising party game requires little more than a few decorated jars, and maybe a sign or two with a list of the banned words written on them!

Random collection of different words and word-forms on magnetic tiles for fundraising games

2. The Great Charity Bake-off

Everyone loves a sweet treat or two, and everyone knows that cakes and bakes are even more delicious if they’re homemade! With this in mind, why not hold a bake-off as a game to raise money for charity?

● How to play: Encourage as many of your attendees as possible to get busy in their kitchens prior to the event, and bake up some cakes and bakes for sale at the event itself. Tell them to be as creative as possible, because each bake will not only be sold to raise money, they’ll also be judged by expert tasters! You can motivate your guests with a trophy for best cake, best decoration, best concept etc.

● What you’ll need: You will have to have plenty of tables and gingham tablecloths in order to give this fundraising idea the right vibe, as well as one or two impartial judges who can decide on the winning creations.

3. Painting Exhibitions

If your attendees are a creative bunch, they’ll love getting involved with this fundraising game. Allow them to get their creative juices flowing, and hold a painting competition or art exhibition at your event in order to raise money for charity.

● How to Play: There are a couple of options when it comes to this charity fundraising idea. If you want to keep things fun and lighthearted, you can arrange for the painting and drawing to take place during your event – maybe allocate 30 minutes of your event in which your attendees have to create an artistic masterpieces, which can be sold or auctioned at the end of the evening.

Alternatively, you could arrange for genuine artworks – paintings, sculptures or drawings etc – to be donated to your fundraiser, and use them initially to decorate your events space, and then as items for sale in order to hit those charity target figures.

● What you’ll need: If you plan on holding a live painting game, then some easels, paints, paintbrushes and other art equipment will be necessary.

4. Get Quizzical
Everybody enjoys a good quiz. Whether it’s a serious brain-teaser or a light-hearted and slightly silly affair, quizzes are the perfect way to get everyone involved and releasing their competitive streaks!

As a fundraising game, this works well for several reasons. Firstly, every player has to pay to join the quiz, meaning you’ll be able to gather plenty of cash from the get-go. However, you can also add features such as paid lifelines or tokens, which might allow a team to skip a question or use their smartphones, meaning there are lots of opportunities for more money to be made.

● How to Play: Make sure your quiz has several distinct rounds (pop music, sport, history, geography, etc) so that everyone can get involved and be able to answer some questions. To keep things fun and fair, set a maximum number of contestants for each time – no more than five usually works well.

● What you’ll need: You will have to have a decent space to hand, and a PA system for the quizmaster. Printed answer sheets are always useful, as are printed tokens or vouchers if you want to include them in your fundraising game.

5. Raffle
As games to raise money for charity go, this classic fundraising game is a timeless favourite for all the right reasons: it’s fun, exciting, and people love to be in with a chance of winning a prize!

● How to Play: Attendees have the chance to win donated prizes or experiences (restaurant dinners or days off work are always popular!) by buying a ticket or a number of tickets. Every ticket has a number printed on it, and at the end of the night, a series of numbers are pulled out of a hat by the compere. If your number corresponds with the selected ticket – you’re a winner! Simple and effective.

● What you need: You only need two key elements for a raffle – the tickets and the prizes. Most charity raffles source their prizes from local businesses or providers, and tickets can be easily found in gift shops or online.

6. A Night At The Fair
This is a novel and fun way to raise money for your chosen charity that will take your attendees back to happy childhood memories. This fundraising party games idea is also brilliant for social media engagement, too, and can really get the money flowing into the charity coffers!

● How to Play: This is all about recreating a carnival or fun fair atmosphere in your events venue, and providing your attendees with the opportunity to buy tickets in order to play simple yet enjoyable games.

Some ideas for classic fun fair games which are easy to recreate anywhere would be:

Rubber Duck Fishing
Ring Toss
Balloon Darts
Coconut Stand
…and whatever else you want to involve!

Young couple playing shooting games while visiting an amusement park arcade at night time, having fun with color lights and rides in the background, man helping woman.

● What you’ll need: Firstly, you’ll need plenty of space and bright, fun decorations in order for these fundraising games to work well. You’ll also need all of the equipment – although the beauty of most of these games is that they can easily be made from equipment you can find at home or at the office!

6. Fun Fashion Show
Fashion shows are great ways to raise funds for charity at your next event. They can be as fun and silly or as serious as you like, and there are loads of ways to get everyone involved.

● How to Play: This fundraising game involves a few different groups of people. Firstly, you need a group of ‘designers’, who are going to design the outfits from either old clothes, junk (tin foil and bin bags are always popular!) or fancy dress costumes. Secondly, you need some catwalk models to parade their creations. Thirdly – and most importantly – you need people to play the part of the rapt audience members.

The designers must ‘buy’ their place in the show, and the models should also pay a fee to walk on the catwalk and have their photos taken. The audience need to pay for admission, and everyone is able to make further donations as the event continues.

● What you’ll need: All good fashion shows need a space with great lighting, and a catwalk on which the models can strut their stuff. As well as this, you’ll need the materials with which the clothes will be made… but your imagination is the only limit in that regard!

Get Greated Donations With Fun Fundraising Games

We know better than most that by engaging in fun, entertaining and effective fundraising activities, you can make those donations skyrocket in size. If you’d like to find out more about how to make your fundraising event go off with a bang, don’t hesitate to get in touch: Ultimate Experience can provide you with all your event organising needs!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips on fundraising games. We’re always keen to hear from our readers – have you encountered any of these? Or have we missed any great ideas from our list? Let us know in the comments!

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