5 Susprising Facts About Fundraising Challenges You Probably Didn’t Know

Inspired has been in fundraising for a long time, and in that time we’ve learnt a few things. So without further ado, we’ve compiled this list of facts about fundraising challenges to shed some light on the motivation behind why your supporters might take on an adventure.

1. Challenges raise more money than non-challenges

Research undertaken by psychologist Christopher Olivola found that not only are people drawn to fundraisers that require physical effort, but that these challenges raise significantly more funds than non-challenges. This could be because a difficult challenge holds greater value in people’s minds.

2. People love to be challenged

Many fundraising challenges are not only physically demanding, they are also a test of will and spirit. When we are not challenged, we may fall into a routine that doesn’t excite or motivate us. A challenge forces us to look into the face of adversity and persevere. By establishing our own goals, we can break your routine and focus on something new and exciting. Many Inspired participants reveal they never knew they could achieve what they did, until they did it.

3. People are more likely to participate when the challenge relates to the cause

Olivola’s study also revealed that willingness to donate is higher when the challenge relates to the cause. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? This viral phenomenon motivated people from all walks of life to dump a bucket of ice water over their heads on camera, all to raise awareness for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or motor neurone disease). It was intended to simulate the sensation of one of the symptoms of the disease. This challenge raised an incredible $115 million, funds which went towards research, community services and education.

4. Participants are not always who you may think

Fundraising challenges don’t necessarily attract athletes or fit people. Rather, these participants are inspired by the cause, and often have a strong calling to do the challenge either for themselves or for a loved one.

5. There’s a challenge to suit everyone

Not everyone will want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and that’s okay. A challenge for some may not work for everyone, that’s why it’s good to know who your supporters are, and what kind of challenge appeals to them. Whether that’s cycling the Cambodian countryside or trekking the rocky rugged outback, Inspired challenges are all unique and designed with difficulty level in mind. Ultimately, people are drawn to fundraising challenges because they can give back in a meaningful way, while also pursuing something outside of their comfort zone. This experience can be tremendously rewarding, as evident by the feedback we have received from participants, many of whom are willing to sign up to subsequent adventures. Stay tuned for our downloadable paper “No Pain Less Gain: How Physical Challenges Impact Charity Fundraising” which will be available soon.

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